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78-1931 Ruth Etting-Guy Lombardo Radio Show on a Columbia Tele-Focal Radio Program 4 Parts 3 of 4

78-A Message From The Man In The Moon - Decca 1259A

78-After You've Gone-Columbia 995-D

78-Ain't Misbehavin' - Columbia 1958-D

78-All Of Me - Oriole 2391-A 2

78-All Of Me-Conqueror 7918-A

78-Am I To Blame-Columbia 2985-D

78-At Sundown - Columbia 1052-D

78-Back In Your Own Backyard-Columbia 1288-D

78-Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now-Columbia 1420-D

78-Blue River-Columbia 1208-D

78-Bluebird, Sing Me A Song - Columbia 1393-D

78-Build A Little Home - Brunswick 6697

78-But I Do-You Know I Do-Columbia 644-D

78-Button Up Your Overcoat-Columbia 1762-D

78-Can't We Talk It Over-Oriole 2436-B

78-Cigarettes Cigars-Perfect 12737

78-Crying For The Carolines - Columbia 2073-D

78-Dancing In The Moonlight

78-Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Columbia CB119

78-Dew-Dew Dewey Day - Columbia 979-D

78-Dinah-Pathe 25164

78-East Come, Easy Go-Brunswick 6892

78-Glad Rag Doll-Columbia1733

78-Happys Days And Lonely Nights-Columbia 1454-D

78-Hey Young Fella (Close Your Old Umbrella)-Perfect 12887-A

78-Hey Young Fella-Conqueror 8122-A

78-Hey Young Fella-Melotone M12625

78-I Ain't Got Nobody-Columbia 692-D

78-I Must Be Dreaming - Columbia 1393-D

78-I Remember You From Somewhere-Columbia 2207

78-I Stll Keep Dreaming of You - Columbia 1563-D

78-I Want to Meander in the Meadow-Columbia 1883

78-I Wished On The Moon - Columbia 3070-D

78-If He Cared - Columbia 2073-D

78-If I Could Be With You - Columbia 2300-D

78-I'll Never Have To Dream Again-Melotone M12528

78-I'm Bringing A Red Red Rose - Columbia 1680-D

78-I'm Nobody's Baby-Columbia1104

78-In The Chapel In The Moonlight - Decca 1084A

78-It All Depends On You - Columbia 908-D

78-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie - Rex 8853-A

78-It's Easy To Remember-Columbia 3031-D

78-It's Love Again - Rex 8852-B

78-It's Swell Of You - Decca 1212A

78-Just A Bird's Eye View - Columbia 827-D

78-Just a Little Closer-Columbia 2307

78-Just Once Again-Columbia 1075

78-Kiss Me Goodnight-Columbia 2630

78-Let's Talk About My Sweetie - Columbia 580

78-Lonely Little Bluebird-Columbia 1454-D

78-Lonesome And Sorry-Coumbia 644

78-Love Is Like That-Cloumbia 2398

78-Love Letters In The Sand - Oriole 2342-A

78-Love Letters In The Sand - Perfect 12754-A

78-Love Me Or Leave Me - Columbia 1680-D

78-May I Have the Next Romance with You - Decca 1107A

78-Me - Imperial 2601

78-Me - Oriole 2342-B

78-My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now - Columbia 1595-D

78-My Man - Columbia 995-D 2

78-Nevertheless - Oriole 2291-B

78-Nothing Else To Do - Columbia 580

78-Now I'm In Love - Columbia 1883-D

78-Out Of Nowhere-Columbia 2454

78-Reaching for Someone-Columbia 2377-D

78-Sam The Old Accordian Man - Columbia 908-D

78-Say A Little Prayer For Me-Columbia 2454

78-Say Yes To-Day-Columbia 1352-D

78-Shaking The Blues Away-Columbia 1113

78-Sing Me A Baby Song-Columbia 1052-D

78-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Brunswick 6769

78-Sonny Boy-Columbia 1563-D

78-Swanee Shore - Columbia 1075-D

78-Take My Heart - Rex 8853-B

78-Talkin' To Myself-Columbia 2954-D

78-The Varsity Drag - Columbia 1237-D

78-Thinking of You-Columbia 827

78-To Know You Is To Love You - Columbia 1707-D

78-Together, We Two-Columbia 1196-D

78-What Do We Do On A Dew, Dew, Dewey Day - Columbia 979-D

78-When You're With Somebody Else-Florida Four, Composed by Ruth Etting-Edison 52231-R

78-Wherever You Go- Whatever You Do - Columbia 979-D

78-Who'll Buy My Song Of Love - Rex 8881-A

78-Without That Gal - Oriole 2291-A

78-Without That Gal - Perfect 12732-A

78-You Don't Like It Not Much-Columbia 1104

78-You're In Love and I'm In Love- Columbia 1595-D

78-You're My Past Present and Future-Brunswick 6671

78-You're The Cream In My Coffee

78-You're The One I Care For-Columbia 2398


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