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Sources for Cliff Edwards Records and CDs

Many of you have e-mailed me wanting to know where you can find the Cliff Edwards recordings listed on the Cliff Edwards Recordings page. Listed below are the addresses (where known) of the record company which produced the record or CD along with some sources of good used record shops. Some of these places I have personally visited and know that the they have the records - at least when I last went there. I will add to this list as I find new sources. If you know of sources I have not listed - let me know.

Currently Available Sources

  • Broadway Records - On the Internet. Carries the Take Two CD label.
  • Amazon - On the Internet - Carries the Collector's Choice Music, ASV (CD only), Audiophile, and Sony labels.
  • eBay - World's greatest auction site.
  • Footlight Records - On the Internet
    113 East 12 Street
    New York, N. Y.
    Phone: (212) 533-1572
    Fax: (212) 673-1496
    Good source for all the Oldies.
  • Jazzology - On the Internet - Has the Audiophile label. This label is also available directly from the Audiophile address listed below.
  • Worlds Records - On the Internet - Has the Collector's Choice Music, ASV (CD only), Audiophile, Take Two and Sony labels. They offer an excellent catalog - Get on their mailing list!
    Or, you can contact them at
    Worlds Records
    P.O. Box 1922
    Novato, California 94948 USA
    Office: (415) 898-1609
    Orders: (800) 742-6663 (10am-5pm PT, Monday-Friday)
    Fax: (415) 898-6348

Record Label Addresses

Used Record Dealers

  • A-1 Record Finders
    5639 Melrose Ave.
    Los Angeles, California 90038 USA
    Phone: (213) REC-ORDS (213-732-6737)
    I have found Cliff Edwards records (LPs) here. An August 1997 visit yielded no Cliff Edwards records.
  • Arons Records
    1150 N. Highland Ave.
    Los Angeles, California 90038 USA
    Phone: (213) 469-4700
  • Jazz Record Mart
    444 North Wabash Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
    Phone: (312) 222-1467
    "World's Largest Jazz & Blues Shop"

Good Record Shops

  • Sam The Record Man
    347 Younge Street
    Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1S3 Canada
  • Tower Records
    Most locations of Tower will have some Cliff Edwards CDs in their vocal selections bin.

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